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What's Next On 'Survivor'?

This week, "Survivor: All-Stars" has been bounced from its normal Thursday night time slot because of NCAA basketball's March Madness. Instead, the Mogo Mogo and Chapera tribes will square off Wednesday night with a reward challenge that requires the remaining castaways to go for a spin.

"It is a log roll," host Jeff Probst announces. "One at a time, tribe members from each tribe will square off, man versus man, woman versus woman."

Last week, it was in a way a man versus woman game – Colby vs. Jerri. And it was Colby's flame that was extinguished. This week, Ethan may be the next to go, according to Mitchell Olson from "Survivor: The Outback."

He tells The Early Show co-anchors Julie Chen and Rene Syler, that Ethan is not standing on solid ground after being blindsided by Mogo Mogo's Tribal Council decision to vote Colby off.

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He says, "He's a likable person, but I just think the problem is he obviously was not part of this new scheme. He looked very shocked when Colby left. So I think he's definitely the odd man out right now. I don't think that means he's going next, but it concerns me a little bit."

Knowing Ethan well from their time on "Survivor: Africa" Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper agrees, and says Lex's move to orchestrate Colby's exit was not a big surprise.

"He was like in that in Africa but more out there," she says. "I think his strategy this time was to play under the radar, which is very hard for Lex to do that. But now all of a sudden, he's got his girls around him. He's got Kathy, Shii Ann and Jerri, whom he's going to hold close. Even though he was out there with Ethan playing in Africa, I think Ethan is in big trouble because Lex has got his girls."

That does not mean she thinks Lex will be the winner in the long run. She notes, "I think he is so smart, so smart and so likable. That will hurt him later on, unfortunately."

Mitchell predicts the winner will come from the Chapera tribe. He says, "I think Boston Rob is really kind of holding that tribe together. I think if Lex and Rob make it to the merge, I think there's going to be a head butt because they're both very strong. They both have control of their tribes and they're both friends. I don't know if that means they'll get together or that would mean they would vote each other off."

It is a tough choice. "Boston Rob is running Chapera completely, but I think he's going to step on some toes," Cooper says, though Boston Rob's got Amber besides him. "I think Amber won't step on any toes, but she'll be right with him. I think Amber is looking pretty good to take this whole thing."

The romance has clearly evolved past the couple's original utilitarian motives. Mitchell says, "I think initially it was a strategy on both parts. I think she went in there not looking for love, but maybe as this strategy to move herself further in the game, same with Rob. Now it's slowly moved into a relationship and a romance. To be honest, it's still going strong and I wish them the best. They're, like, two of my closest friends."

Mitchell played on "Survivor" with Amber and also with Jerri who in Wednesday's episode is shown enjoying Colby's loss and gloating about it.

Once again, Mitchell says Jerri is a victim of editing. "In real life, she's a likable, wonderful person."

So why is she such an easy target? Cooper says, "I don't think she gives you that warm fuzzy feeling,like Shii Ann. When you get to them, you like them but they're not warm and fuzzy."

Cooper's choice for the final winner is Big Tom. And she says this All-Star game has been particularly enjoyable. "I love it. Usually it takes a while to get into the characters, but we know the characters right off the bat," she says. "That's the appeal of the show. It's like a soap opera. When you know it from the very first show, it's more interesting. Plus, we know the chemistry."

Wednesday night, the plot is for the tribes to each send one of its own to the opposing tribe's camp. And Boston Rob and Rupert ar expected to face off in a power play.

The show airs at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT, on CBS. The latest contestant sent packing will be a guest Thursday morning on The Early Show.

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