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What's In the Stars for 2010?

Wondering what's in store for 2010?

Renowned astrologer Susan Miller, the founder of Astrology gave her predictions for 2010 on "The Early Show."

So how long will it take until 2012 for the U.S. to completely recover from the recession?

"It's not going to be a complete reversal, but I think we all knew that," she said.

"There will be a little scary moment with the eclipse June 26th," she said. "And everyone will think Chicken Little the sky is falling; it's just a correction, and also maybe a scandal. We're cleaning the closet out. We're finding out what's there. ... But I think it's going to be OK."

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Miller said there will be one more scandal that has to do with the financial markets.

"People shouldn't get frightened. The United States is a Cancer country. It is born on July 4th. So we have a birthday of the chart. And Saturn is sitting at the bottom where the home area is of the chart, so that whole mortgage thing still has to be corrected. That is the root of it."

She added the problem won't leave until October 2012.

How will President Obama do in the coming year?

"He's a Leo," she said. "... Do you know we have more Leo and Scorpio presidents than any other sign? (On) March 10th, he is gangbusters. March 1th to June 7th, if he called me into the White House, I'd say, 'Get your list, check it twice and go if it, run with the banner. Push everything at that time because people will finally support you.'"

Miller also shared these predictions for 2010:

Future for Politics:

Sarah Palin is an Aquarian, it will be easy for her to make money. But it won't be as lucky as 2008 or 2009 has been for her. Bristol will have to get the custody now because she has a better chart now than she will have later. She should move the proceedings along now than later, because she's going to have problems around her birthday 2011 - Levi Johnston becomes more of a problem for Bristol with time. This was Levi's year for fame and success because he was a Taurus. But Bristol's problems are going to get worse! It starts in October, and it's going to last until 2012! She's not going to like what's coming.

Obama will do better after March. He needs to push harder for things from March 10 to June 7th -- that's when he'll have the most support. Libra also encompasses law, so we could need and a new supreme justice again this year.

War: We won't be getting out of war. In the summer Uranus and Jupiter goes into Aries (the sign of war), this hasn't happen since the 1920s, so it means our government will have reasons to stay at war. We won't be getting out easily in 2010 because I think things will be getting hotter over the summer, and the army will have a stronger say and people will have to listen to the military because they'll be making good points.

War on Terror: Seven years of watching our borders closely. We're going into a more hyper state - we're not leaving it. It's going to get worse not better. We're having eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, which means our enemies are revitalized, and that will take good funding for defense and we'll have to stay on our toes.

Health Care: I think it will flare up the most from April 7 through July 2 -- after that we pretty much have a plan.

Entertainment and Celebrities:


Those who are Pisces are favored to win.


Movies will be very romantic this year, more sweeping love stories (like "Gone with the Wind") -- not romantic comedies -- rather, deep ones.


Interest in dance on TV will increase. In the summer there will be reality TV -- but as Jupiter goes into Pisces better ideas will be brought to TV because it's an artistic time. There's also going to be an interesting thing about people helping people (i.e. "Extreme Home Makeover" type of show) more compassion and real feeling in TV.

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Money and the Economy:

We're not out of the woods yet, but we're headed in the right direction -- except for this eclipse hitting in June 26, but it's not going to be that bad. We will make it out of this by 2012. Each month gets better. In February and early March will be great financially. People will get lucky breaks and over the summer financial capital will really flourish with entrepreneurial enterprise. People will be coming up with ideas.

We're going to stop relying on the government so much. Religious organizations will step up hugely and start a new trend. With Jupiter in Pisces, Pisces is compassionate sign and sign of religion.

Housing down until October 2012 when Saturn leaves Libra, according to the US astrological chart. We climb out gradually.

Fashion Trends:

Everything has been sparkling, but that's going to change. This summer we're all going to dress like military people, messenger bags, big boots, move away from feminine ruffles and sparkles, and now it's that combat look khakis, safari jackets.

Hair Trends:

Hats hoods, hair. Summer will have interesting products to get over hair problems.

Fitness Trends:

In the beginning of the year, it's going to be Tai Chi and karate and Eastern philosophy, but there will be very high energy stuff, such as Navy Seal stuff (boot camps). This theme of being fit for anything comes this summer, but then it dies down in the fall back to yoga and swimming.


Marriage is going to change. Saturn in Libra brings discussion and change, so could mean re-evaluating gay marriages, or fixing marriages. Do we need the structure to change, should it be easier to get out of a marriage, should it be harder? Marriage will be a hot topic and there will be changes.


People are going to realize that they have to spend time with each other and dating sites will be more balanced with dating face to face.

New Year's Eve Trend:

Extremes happen. People get engaged or they break up. Eclipses do that. They bring something from the outside world into your life. But it can be fun and adventurous.

Technology and Gadgets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, iPods, Kindle):

Big advances will all be visual. We're just leaving Jupiter and Aquarius. 2009 was supposed to be a big technology year and green year. This year will be more in the arts -- things that use unusual media. Jupiter in Pisces.

What's Ahead For... :

SEAN GOLDMAN (Brazil Boy) This is a flexible child. He's a Gemini that's what they do. He's not going back to Brazil. I see his father doing well over the summer and the grandmother coming here to visit and she will. So grandma won't will her case. Sean will make nice friends this year and meet kids his own age.

HILLARY (10/26/1947): She's a Scorpio and she's going to have her first really good year. The water sign people will make progress this year. She's going to have more say in things.

MICHAELE and TAREQ SALAHI: She's a Libra, and she's going through a Saturn phase. He is seeing a source of income disappear. This incident affected her more than him. Her year is going to be hard, and it's going to take the lessons to heart and it's affecting her health. She's going to lay low and hide for awhile. She has three planets in Scorpio, but privacy means everything to her, so she didn't like her financial information being made public. He just threw this off his shoulders, and will be fine. He could get a new business deal in January.

GLENN BECK (2/10/1964): Aquarius love politics, this will not be his year, the second half of 2011 will be better. The summer's OK for him.

TIGER WOODS: We won't hear from him until Jan. 15. He'll have a plan and will make a statement. His wife is leaving. She's a Pisces and they can't be bought. She's not coming back no matter what he's offered to her. An eclipse means people give full disclosure and I think all the information isn't out yet on him -- after eclipses there is huge news. So there will be huge, huge life changes for him. Worse dirt will come up for him.

Photos: Celebrity Circuit

JON (4/1/1977) and KATE (3/28/1975) GOSSELIN: They're both Aries, they're both going to have opportunities this summer; they're going to lay low for awhile. Kate's the luckier one because she's a March-born Aries. She'll have a better year; he'll have luck in 2011 and maybe in August. They're not off the radar, they're just re-organizing things. We'll be hearing more about Kate developing products for kids. Aries do what you least expect, they're lucky and they're very entrepreneurial.

BRANGELINA: This couple is magic together. She's got Cancer rising, so I see them traveling a lot doing more abroad than here. She's not going to have more kids. Brad has four planets in Capricorn - (Capricorns are interested in things of the past, bones, architecture, etc.) Brad found his calling in New Orleans. That's his legacy, and her legacy is working with underprivileged children. They're all fire and air, there's no water in their family. Kids are eager to learn, eager to travel, they all get along. They're in love and not going to break up.

ADAM LAMBERT (1/29/82): He's always going to be controversial because he's an Aquarius and that's what they're supposed to do. This is a big money year for him. I think he's going to buy land or a house for himself or maybe his mom.

JENIFER ANISTON (2/11/1969): She's not getting married.

CHARLIE SHEEN (9/3/1965): His chart says his biggest life lessons are in marriage, relationships, he's someone who shouldn't be married. 2010 will be a lot easier for him. Whatever condition were going on in that marriage were really hard for him, so things will improve.

LADY GAGA: She's not going away, she has Jupiter and Pisces, and has real talent, she's a real talent. She's an Aries, so watch out this summer she'll have more success.

STEVE JOBS: Steve Jobs is a Pisces. I would watch for him. Apple is an Aries company this summer. He's the one to watch.

GEORGE CLOONEY (5/6/1961): He is Pisces rising. This is going to be an amazing year for him. He's not getting married, he may have difficulties. He has something in his chart that says he wouldn't get married.

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