What's In The Stars For 2004

The Year Ahead 2004 : The Only Astrology Guide You'll Need by Susan Miller (Author)
The planetary cycles are newly positioned for 2004. Wondering what this New Year has in store for you? One person who may have the answer is Susan Miller from astrologyzone.com and author of "The Year Ahead 2004."

In her book, she describes the planetary cycles for each astrological sign and explores in-depth what individuals can expect during the coming year.

She expects an unusual amount of harmony among the planets in 2004, which will result in a stable year to regroup, build on what we started in 2003, and strengthen our confidence.

Miller explains astrology is not destiny, but a study of cycles. She says, "There are times to act and hold back. I can never predict what you will choose to do, but I can tell you the challenges and the rewarding cycles coming towards you. I make recommendations on what you should aim for. The choice is yours."

She revealed her predictions The Early Show:

Mars is going back into Aires, which is a bit of a warlike place. You will see a heating up of the situation until Feb 7.

The economy will be tough for a little while. It will take another three years before being good again. A belt-tightening period is not that bad. The universe plans for these periods. This is all going to be caused by Saturn. It all means do not start a new business and quit your old job. Try to do both because this is not a time for huge risks. Be level headed and stay with the blue chips. Saturn is like the voice of your parents - the leveler. It will teach us how to get more in a different kind of way.

President Bush
When President Bush was elected he had Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, over his head. It happens once every 12 years. Now that he wants to get re-elected, he has Saturn, which is the task master planet, over his head. That's the planet that says, "You promised this, let's see what the record shows."

Presidential election
Nothing in astrology is destined. It shows areas of reward and challenge. President Bush is in the most challenging position ever. He has to be prepared, do double homework and be able to ask very difficult questions. The country is born on July 4. He is born on July 6. Cancer is swimming the English Channel this year. The last time we had this aspect was Watergate. It was a difficult time then, and it could be difficult now. There will be a big public discussion. He is not going to find it easy. If the Democrats put a good candidate in, they have a very good chance of winning because the president's feet are going to be held to the fire.

Hollywood Celebrities

  • Glad Ben and J.Lo waited. Had she married him in the fall, it would not have been good. All the Leos out there, including Ben and Jen, will look forward to a stable relationship. They have a ways to go. They have issues they have to work out before they get married. Venus will come up in the middle of year, which is not the best time to get married. Get married in October.
  • Michael Jackson has Jupiter protecting him until September, which means he will have help around him mounting his defense. He'd better get that case moving sooner rather than later.
  • Nicole Kidman is such a good example of Cancer dealing well with Saturn. She made movies during the hardest period of her life. She concentrated. She cleared the decks. That is a wonderful example of someone who works well with tough aspects. Tom Cruise is a Cancer like Mr. Bush. A lot of movie stars are cancers. I think there is a correction in his life.

In medicine there will be a huge interest in homeopathic methods. There will be natural cures. People have become more skeptical about drugs. Saturn in Cancer is the reason we are reading so much about food and obesity. There will be issues with eating disorders. You will read about obesity and new attention to eating disorders.

"It" person of 2004
Beyonce is a golden girl. The Virgos and Libras will be in and doing well. Eminem and Catherine Zeta-Jones are going to shine.

Your Sign:

ARIES have an amazing opportunity to get fit and healthy in 2004. If losing weight is a priority, this is the year you could finally make the kind of lifestyle changes that will permit you to be permanently slim. If you have a health concern, 2004 could very well be the year you get the best medical advice to combat it.

TAURUS has the most sparkling romantic aspects, and they will last until the end of September. This coming year, the Taurus among us will more likely make their personal life a priority, and rightly so! If you have already found your soul mate, you will want to make something more of the union, and will explore ways to make that possible, such as through living together, getting engaged, or even by becoming parents together. Your creativity will show impressive development this year as well.

GEMINI has luck through family and through real estate. If ever there were a time to buy or sell a house (or if young, to rent a first apartment), this would be the year! Feather your nest, dear Gemini, for love comes on strong in the last quarter of the year. October could be simply enchanting and unforgettable. No Gemini, of any marital status will be left out, so if you are married, expect to get some fine attention.

CANCER is taking on some awesome responsibility due to the once-in-29-year presence of Saturn in Cancer. Saturn has received a draconic reputation among some astrologers, but I feel it is not deserved. Saturn manifests ideas, so while Saturn will make you work hard, the projects you give yourself to will have an enormous shot at long-term success. Cancer rules the home, an area important to this sign, and at the close of the year, you will have a golden opportunity to make your home the castle you have in mind.

LEO is about to enter into a far more stable romantic phase. After years of possible turbulence, this has to be good news. Money matters glow brightly in 2004, too, and considering how much money you burned through in 2003; this should be just what you wanted to hear. The money you will see won't be won or given to you, but earned. But that's good, because if you can make a million, you can make two million in time!

VIRGO had it very hard in recent years, but this year is different! Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will be in Virgo through the end of September, helping Virgo kick off a whole new 12-year cycle. The people you meet and the projects you get involved with now portend to be very fortunate for you in the future, something you won't see the truth of until later in the year. Financials dazzle in late year. The boss you had who was such a curmudgeon last year is gone - you're ready to dance on your own.

LIBRAS are now being challenged by career aspects, but have a brilliant chance to prove their mettle. If you work hard, you will attain quite a position of power under this trend. You are about to be celestial favorite after Virgo hands over the crown, so watch October. It's your glorious month. Have your wish list ready and expect to be at the right place at precisely the right time.

SCORPIO has suffered under difficult financial aspects for a long time, but 2004 should bring relief. The most beneficial part of your chart is your sector of friendship, so get out and mix, for the people you meet this coming year are due to open doors for you. Your home situation seems to have been unstable over the past several years, but now, thanks to the move of Uranus into Pisces, will allow you to plan with greater certainty. Finally, love glows brightly. If married, a baby could be the year's best surprise.

SAGITTARIUS is now poised for a fabulous career opportunity. In fact, 2004 could well go down as the most spectacular professional year in over a decade. Money still concerns you, however, but that should clear up by next year. Try not to work on commission or a royalty basis (where there could be disputes or delays) but rather on a flat salary. If getting divorced or waiting for the courts to rule on an inheritance or other financial matter, there could be contention that holds up the process. Love is bright and beautiful in January.

CAPRICORNS are focused on their partners, whether that is a romantic or business-oriented alter ego. There is likelihood that there will be a physical separation between you this year. It may or may not be relationship oriented. For example, your partner may be doing a medical residency, or will need to travel for work. Keep your health robust. The juicy part of the year involves your ability to travel far and wide. Any trip you take in the first nine months of 2004 would be memorable, and possibly life changing. Career aspects glow in late year.

AQUARIUS last year had worries about money, but these years the universe will calm those fears and allow you to make a killing in one area of your life. Expect a chunk of cash to come in, most probably at the end of September. Relationships are terrific in 2004's last four months when you are so popular your phone won't stop ringing. Travel and educational pursuits glitter in October.

PISCES usually likes to try to do things solo, but the message this year is that you don't have to - there are plenty of people around you who want to help you, so let them! All kinds of two-some relationships are good for you, whether that manifest as an engagement (a superb time to do so would be September), the hiring of an agent or the signing of a business partner/collaborator. Pisces are creative; this year your disciplined approach helps you reach new, undreamed of heights.

Susan Miller is also a popular columnist. In addition to her monthly horoscope column for Self Magazine, she writes a weekly astrological advice column, "Signs of Love," for the Sunday edition of The New York Daily News. Her third column will debut in Cosmo Girl! in February 2004. She is also a contributor to a wide variety of consumer magazines, both in the United States and abroad.