What's In A Nametag?

Pat O'Brien, host of "The Insider," noticed something a bit incongruous Monday at the Oscars nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif.

He tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen the stars and superstars in attendance were wearing nametags!

"I told (Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese), 'Guys, you don't have to wear them. You've made it. You've been nominated for Oscars!' "

O'Brien described it as a very "loose" afternoon: "It's where they take their group pictures, like a high school picture, and they get their 'diploma' and Oscar certificate, and you see all these huge stars in one day. It's one of my favorite days of the year in this job that I do."

He also gave viewers of The Early Show a sneak peek at what "The Insider" audience is going to see of the Louis Vuitton handbag factory outside Paris.

"The level of craftsmanship is unbelievable," he says.

But it's not even real leather that they use. It's "a special material," O'Brien reveals.

"I'm a metro metrosexual," he continues. "I love to shop -- metro -- and I go in the Louis Vuitton shop in Beverly Hills. Every time I'm in there, I see Shaq in there buying something. It's the hot item now. …women love that stuff."

O'Brien also reported that the new Mr. and Mrs. Trump show no signs of slowing down after their mega-wedding. Melania Knauss-Trump recently chaired a fundraiser at the Donald's estate in Palm Beach, Fla. She hosted a fashion show featuring Valentino's spring collection in the same dining room the wedding reception was in.

"You know," O'Brien added, "I talked to Donald a couple of days ago, and she actually cooks for him every day. She packs his bags. But she's also her own woman. She's very, very smart…and -- kind of pretty!