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What's Hip In Military Gear?

As Michael Hodgson of Gear describes it, being involved in the military sometimes can be like "one big camping trip."

He visits The Saturday Early Show to describe the latest in military gear. For instance, Camelbak had developed hands-free hydration systems, with a small hose and mouthpiece that can carry up to three liters of water for mountain bikers. A version of this is now being used by soldiers in Iraq.

GoLite makes polyester shirts that transport moisture away from the skin, and it evaporates immediately. It's good for hikers, climbers and cyclists, but the shirts also work for special operations forces and regular soldiers working on the front lines, who need the lightest and strongest equipment possible.

Here are the items featured on The Saturday Early Show:

Oakley Assault Goggle
Infra-red laser protection lens that mitigates an Infra-red laser threat by utilizing organic dyes to disperse the harmful beam of light.

Oakley S.I. Pro M Frame (sunglasses)
Vital Equipment for competition, this sculptural hinge-less frame can be fitted with five interchangeable lens shapes and a spectrum of tint options that let you adapt to changing conditions.

The Plutonite shield blocks all UV while Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry protects you from the indignities of distortion. In the domain of athletics, generic accessory has now become vital equipment. There are different styles of this product.

Oakley Assault Boot
The Elite Special Forces needed a more athletic design, so they turned to Oakley. Engineered with a lightweight athletic design, the Oakley Elite Special Forces Standard-Issue Assault Boot is braced by an over-the-ankle boot shaft and shielded by abrasion resistant panels on soft top-grain leather.

Comprehensive moisture control maximizes comfort. Advanced polymer EVA and premium urethane offer resilient shock absorption. High-NBS vulcanized rubber maintains traction over a full range of terrain.
It was tested in urban, mountain, desert, snow, and jungle environments. The shoe variant of this technology is engineered with all the same innovations but has a lower ankle cut and does not include a boot shaft.

GoLite C-Thru Lightweight and Midweight Base Layers
These are undershirts made of polyester with GoLite's patent-pending C-Thru fiber shape. Basically, the shirts are made with c-shaped fibers which give perspiration more surface area to run along and then evaporate off, so a person is able to stay dry. The different weights are for varying temperatures, lightweight for hot environments, mid-weight for cooler ones.

GoLite Gust Pack
This was named by Outside Magazine as one of the 10 seminal packs of all time. Basically, it's a large carrying bag that loads 30 pounds or more comfortably, but only weighs 19 ounces. Fully packed out, it has a 5000 cubic inch capacity.

The Gust's amazing strength comes from Spectra-Gridstop fabric. Every white thread in the checkered pattern is Spectra. Spectra is twice as strong as Kevlar and 10 times as strong as steel by weight. Elite soldiers are familiar with Spectra because it is the fiber in their bullet-proof vests.

GoLite Stealth N2S Shirt
This is the very lightest W.L. Gore (gortex) Windstopper fabric, and is available exclusively from GoLite. It's a 3-play fabric with a Gore Windstopper membrane sandwiched between a light, tight abrasion resistant nylon outer shell, and a micro-light brushed polyester lining.

This is used as a high performance, layering piece for those who want a wind proof layer. The Malden Mills Powerstretch panels (the black panels) give the Stealth great stretch and comfort as well as aiding moisture dissipation.

CamelBak Thermobak 3 Liter-Bag
This piece of equipment is used to fight dehydration. It supplies three liters of water in a device that wears like a backpack. A high-tech tubing device wraps around and fits in a soldier's mouth, allowing easy access to clean drinking water, in amounts that would normally take three canteens to hold. Dressed in camouflage, this pack is ideal for desert conditions such that our soldiers face now in Iraq, It's extremely durable and allows for maximum mobility.

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