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What's better than being carried around like a baby?

(CBS News) Sometimes walking around New York City is just too hard. Sometimes you want to just be carried around town like a baby. So that's what comedian Mark Malkoff does with a little help from his much larger friend Grizz Chapman (formerly on NBC's "30 Rock"). Malkoff is reportedly a petite 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at 130 pounds, while Grizz is a burly 7 feet. So naturally, Malkoff insists on strapping himself onto Grizz in a makeshift Baby Bjorn-type carrier. And the results are quite funny, and they get lots of stares and glares throughout their tour of Manhattan, check it out in the video above.

And Malkoff really gets into character, taking a snooze, drinking some milk -- and then holding hands with his wife (one of those things definitely doesn't belong). But aside from his child-like antics, the best part is watching people react to the two grown men taking in the sights this way. Passersby grimace, they laugh and they definitely take a lot of pictures. Personally, I think Malkoff is on to something here. I would love to get carried around, especially in this blazing heat. So, tell me, Mark, where can I get one of these contraptions for myself? And will Grizz do the carrying? I already miss him from "30 Rock"!

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