What will Renee Ohlemacher's polygraph reveal?

Police had long cleared Renee in the 2005 murders of her parents, but in a surprising move in 2012, a prosecutor working the case asked her to take a polygraph

What will Renee Ohlemacher's polygraph reveal... 03:11

Six years after the arrest of Ronald Santiago for the murders of Bernadette and Greg Ohlemacher and as the case was headed to trial, a prosecutor with the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office - stating that Renee Ohlemacher's role in her parents' murders was "unresolved" -- asked Renee to take a polygraph examination. It was an unusual move, although not unheard of.

As New Mexico is currently the only state in the country that permits the results of polygraph examinations to be used in criminal trials, this polygraph exam proved to be a central argument during the trial of Santiago.

The polygraph given to Renee on Sept. 9, 2012, took place at the Albuquerque Police Department and was administered by Det. Mark Johnson of the APD.

Renee's test consisted of nine questions, which, as is custom in polygraph exams, were reviewed by Det. Johnson with Renee ahead of time, so she was aware of what questions were being used to measure her answers. She was given the test three times, as is the standard procedure.

The questions

  1. Prior to this year, did you ever go to school?
  2. Regarding the shooting of your parents, do you intent to answer all questions truthfully about that?
  3. Do you believe I will only ask you about the questions we reviewed?
  4. Prior to 2005, did you ever lie to a loved one?
  5. Do you know for sure who shot your parents?
  6. Before 2005, did you ever hurt anyone out of anger?
  7. Do you know for sure who shot your parents in their bedroom?
  8. Prior to 2005, did you ever lie to keep out of trouble?
  9. Is there something else you are afraid I will ask you a question about?

The results

Renee did not pass and she did not fail; the results were inconclusive, therefore no opinion could be rendered. Det. Johnson was most concerned with Renee's response to question 9, which indicated to him that there was an outside issue bothering Renee.