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What Will Happen To Weston?

At D.C. General Hospital, Russell Weston Jr. remains under security as doctors work to keep him alive, reports CBS News Correspondent Phil Jones. Weston is in stable condition, but the head surgeon remains guarded.

"We still have to monitor him very carefully for known complications that can occur with injuries as his," said Dr. Norma Jones, director of the surgical unit. "He's aware that he's a prisoner, we are able to speak to him...but there is some confusion on his part."

At the federal courthouse, Weston's appointed public defenders and Justice Department prosecutors were in court without Weston. The judge ordered Weston held without bond on a charge based on an FBI complaint stating that Weston "did kill and attempt to kill officers and employees of the United States." That charge carries the death penalty.

CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports that the next step in the case, procedurally, will be an initial appearance at which Weston will be formally notified of the charges against him. That could happen soon, if Weston's condition continues to improve, and it could very well happen in the hospital if the judge so decides

Weston's federal public defender is A.J. Kramer, the same man who defended Francisco Duran. Duran was accused of trying to assassinate President Clinton in 1994 by firing a rifle at the White House.

Duran had claimed he was shooting at a mist connected to an umbilical cord of an alien being. In that case, the insanity defense did not get Duran off. He's serving a 40-year prison sentence.

One big difference in the Duran and Weston cases, though, is that Duran had no prior record of mental problems, making an insanity defense difficult. The exact opposite seems true of Weston. Almost immediately after the Capitol shootings, detailed stories of his longstanding, tortured mental difficulties began surfacing.

Attorney Kramer met with Weston for about 45 minutes Monday and reportedly Weston was "conscious" with "no tubes down his throat."

It has been learned that the CIA had an experience with Weston a couple of years ago. Weston showed up at the front gate of CIA headquarters in Virginia in 1996 -- saying he wanted "to report stuff."

Sources tell CBS News that during a two-hour rambling interview, Weston claimed he was "the son of JFK."

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