What We're Up To

As the name implies, "Couric & Co." is a Web log made up of many parts, shaped by many hands. Our principle contributors are the CBS News producers and correspondents from around the world who cover the news and bring it to you every day. This is a forum for them to engage you in conversation — and vice versa.

"Couric & Co." is a kind of observatory for things large and small, from the meaningful to the amusing. Here is where we get a chance to include sidebars, video clips or conversations that we couldn't fit on the "CBS Evening News" — and here is where we try to put all that into perspective. We'll also be pointing you to stories of interest that pop up throughout the day.

In fact, we'll try to make ourselves of some mild use by steering you to material on CBS shows, on CBSNews.com, in the newspapers or around the Web that we find intriguing, unexpected, important and funny. Especially funny. We like funny.

And we consider you — the people on the other side of the computer screen, our viewers and readers — a big part of the "Co." of "Couric & Co.," too. This is important — it's not a gimmick, it's not marketing. The "Evening News" has never really been able to talk back to you; and you really haven't been able to talk back to us. We really want to change that, and this blog is a big start. We hope you'll drop us a line, leave a comment and offer your feedback. Get into arguments with us. Send story ideas. Tell us what we're ignoring. But we insist we all behave ourselves, so definitely take a look at our Rules of Engagement.

Of course, the "Couric" of the title plays a significant role, too. Katie's sensibility and voice are what ultimately define this Web log. She gives this place its personality and point of view to a huge degree. But the "Evening News" gang is an eclectic crowd, so you'll get it from all angles.

We hope you'll enjoy visiting here. We plan frequent updates throughout the day, so check back often. You never know what — or who — you may find here.

Katie and Greg