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What Really Happened When O.J. Got Busted

O.J. Simpson and two other men are slated to stand trial in September on a dozen felony charges stemming from an alleged botched robbery of sports memorabilia dealers at a hotel in Las Vegas this past September.

The charges range from armed robbery to conspiracy and kidnapping. An armed robbery conviction carries mandatory prison time. A kidnapping conviction could bring a life sentence with the possibility of parole.

Thomas Riccio is one of the men who was in the room when the whole thing went down. He says he led Simpson to the dealers.

Riccio has struck a deal with prosecutors for immunity in exchange for his testimony.

And Riccio has penned a book about the incident and more, "BUSTED!: The Inside Story of the World of Sports Memorabilia, O.J. Simpson, and the Vegas Arrests."

Riccio says he wrote "Busted!" to give real story about that night, and his life.

The majority of the book focuses on Riccio's personal life, including trouble he's had with the law. He also talks about the sometimes shady world of sports collectibles.

Photos: O.J. Arrested in Vegas
In the introduction, Riccio makes it clear he wrote the book because his reputation had been ruined when the media uncovered his prison record, and he wanted to talk about some of the good things that he had done with his life.

Riccio discussed all that and more with co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez on The Early Show Tuesday.

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