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What Our Readers Would Ask The President

Earlier today we asked our readers what questions they would ask President Obama, and the response was impressive. Here are some of questions on people's minds:

How would your stimulus plan help a parent looking send his/her children to college?

How will removing the toxic assets from the banks balance sheets actually work?

What is your opinion about the standard of behavior that we should expect from our high officials, regarding tax compliance, and are you willing to investigate and offer solutions, like annual tax audits, as a means to establish greater trust and confidence in our elected and appointed officials?

What are you doing about healthcare coverage for people who are disabled, under the age of 55 and not on social security?

Why do you insist on keeping Tim Geithner?

What should private citizens be doing to help the economy?

If Israel attacks the nuclear facilities of Iran, what would your administration do as a response?

What, specifically, are our goals in Afghanistan?

Do you have any plans to improve the situation in Zimbabwe which has worsened considerably since Jimmy Carter left office?

You promised that people making less than a certain amount per year would not face any new taxes. However, I hear commentators talking about your health care plan and that to pay for it, the government will have to tax health care benefits. Wouldn't this be considered a new tax?

With the many challenges you are now facing as our 44th President, what accomplishment would be most satisfying to bequeath to our children?

What, if anything can be done to help the small business owner who is not looking for a loan, we are just trying to keep our doors open?

What do you see as the future of the US space program?

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