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What Nerve! Blonde Beats Speeding Tickets With "I'm Pretty" Sign

(KIRO Seattle)
Photo: "Dasha" of "Because I'm Pretty" Sign Fame

SEATTLE (CBS) Cops love her.

At least her friends think so. They told her to paint "ATTN: Police Please Do Not Pull Me Over Just Because I'm Pretty" on the rear windshield of her car because the bubbly blonde was constantly being pulled over.

Dasha, a Washington state resident who wasn't willing to give her last name, claims to have been stopped by police for speeding 30 times in the cities of Bellevue, Kirkland and Seattle, and only received two citations — both of which were dismissed.

Good luck? Maybe good looks is more like it.

(KIRO Seattle)
Deborah Horne, a reporter for CBS Seattle affiliate KIRO, was eating dinner with her video photographer earlier this week when she saw the unusual message on a car parked nearby.

Curious, Horne approached the driver, who said the sign written on the back window of her car helps with unwarranted traffic stops.

After the sign was put on her window a month ago, the blonde has says she has not been stopped by officers. They just read the message and smile.

What do you think?

Is "Dasha" hot enough to stop traffic or a traffic cop?

Watch the KIRO Interview With "Dasha" Here.

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