What kind of laugher are you? A funny one? Ha!

(CBS News) Are you ready to chuckle? Guffaw? ROFL? LOL? Or maybe just give a little, "Ha!" or "Heh"? It's hard to know what kind of laugh-er you are, because chances are you're too busy, umm, laughing, to pay attention to how you are actually doing it. Well, maybe this little video above created by comedy team Tripp and Tyler will help you figure it out. (If you find it funny that is, which I am pretty confident you will, at least I hope, I think, please laugh at this!?)

So, how did you do it? Did you lose control, spit a little bit? Just sort of smirk? Or did you not laugh at all, instead saving all the info for the next time you find something funny? If you do in fact think Tripp and Tyler are humorous, then be sure to check out some more of their other work here. I've included, a video below that made me ROFL. Okay, not literally, I am at the office, but it would have been fitting if I had. (Just trust me and watch the clip and you'll see what I mean!)