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What in the World is UltimateTV?

Are you ready for Ultimate TV. Or how about AOL TV. The battle is for control of the box that will sit on top of your TV. What in the world is Ultimate TV? It's a service from Microsoft, which is teaming up with RCA and others to left you surf the Web, watch satellite DirecTV and store your favorite programs along with other digital content. Microsoft's Rob Schoeben….

"What the product does is…it has a hard drive in it first of all. So it's got a hard drive, it's got a pretty impressive microprocessor and it has two digital satellite receivers. So what that does is it allows you to do digital video recording so that you can watch a show whenever you want and it has over thirty hours of pure digital quality recording."
You can digitally record two shows at the same time. That's something you can't do with the RePlay and Tivo digital video recorders on the market today. And with the built in WebTV…

"You can surf the Web, you can go to related Web sites associated with programs, you can dash off a quick email in the picture-in-picture while you're watching another show. What we've found is in a TV loving household, they want to do TV first and foremost. If we can make it convenient for them to do Internet if they want…that's great."
UltimateTV should hit the market this fall…for under five hundred dollars. Ultimate couch potatoes…sold separately. You can click on us at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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