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What If...?

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

One of the excuses you hear quite often come Election Day from people who don't vote is: "Well, my vote doesn't count."

They may want to revisit that notion.

The difference between victory and defeat in the Senate races in Virginia and Montana, and even Missouri, was razor thin.

There have to be Republican partisans out there who are kicking themselves today because they forgot, or they were too busy, or the polling place was inconvenient.

There are a few House races in which the votes are still being counted. Across the country I read where some mayoral and school board elections are being decided by a few as three votes, which is why it's so important that going to the polls be hassle-free.

Election Day was peppered with stories of machine malfunctions, of confusion about IDs. There was harassment and long lines in some locations. It's just not right. Some people walked away in frustration.

Today they may be wondering, "What if …?"

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By Harry Smith
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