What Happens When: Transformative dining in NYC

What Happens When: A restaurant experiment

(CBS) - What happens when a restaurant changes its menu and decor each month? You get an uncommon dining experience that's completely different on almost every visit.

What Happens When, located in New York City's chic SoHo neighborhood, has transformed itself four times since its opening in January. Every month, the creative team of chef John Fraser, interior designer Elle Kunnos de Voss and branding consultant Emilie Baltz take a different theme - suggested by one of their Kickstarter donors - and offer up a new eatery with a short lifespan for a loyal following of urban foodies.

Click above to watch Fraser and Kunnos de Voss discuss What Happens When and how they work to make it all come together.

What Happens When: How Kickstarter helped
Chef John Fraser, of New York City's What Happens When talks about how Kickstarter helped make his restaurant come to life.
What Happens When: Transformation in action
Watch a time-lapse transformation of the New York City restaurant, What Happens When.