What does "Hope" poster artist Shepard Fairey think of Obama now?

A January 17, 2009 file photo of artist Shepard Fairey unveiling his portrait of President-elect Barack Obama before it was installed at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Did Obama live up to the iconic "Hope" poster that artist Shepard Fairey created during the 2008 elections?

"Not even close," Fairey told Esquire magazine.

"Obama has had a really tough time, but there have been a lot of things that he's compromised on that I never would have expected," Fairey said. "I mean, drones and domestic spying are the last things I would have thought [he'd support]."

Still, the artist called Mr. Obama a "quality human being" and noted that some circumstances are "out of your control" as president.

"I'm not giving him a pass for not being more courageous, but I do think the entire system needs an overhaul and taking money out of politics would be a really good first step," he said.

Fairey also took the American electorate to task, complaining that a lot of Americans are "ignorant and lazy" when it comes to politics. "There's a lot of finger pointing and very little action and very little research into the dynamics that created the situation that they're unhappy about," he said.