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What day is tomorrow? An interview with Friday singer Rebecca Black

(CBS) LOS ANGELES - Rebecca Black is the latest meme to hit the Internet block. The 13-year old from Orange County uploaded the music video, "Friday" (written and producer by Ark Music Factory) to YouTube on February 10th and it already has over 40 million views and growing.

But the views don't necessarily correlate with the support of the video. It takes a quick glimpse at the over 500,000 dislikes and negative comments on the video like "Homeland Security needs to turn her internet off now because this is domestic terrorism" or "This girl sux" to realize that while the song might be popular, it got there for being thought of as, well... bad.

The haters can hate, however, because Black seems to be reaping the royalties and rewards. Her song is already moving up on the iTunes charts, she has appeared on Good Morning America and Leno becoming a Twitter topic trend, and has been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell.

How's that for vengeance! While the song might not be winning a Grammy anytime soon, it seems to be that annoyingly catchy tune you just can't get out of your head.

I spoke to Black at a studio in Brea, CA about the video, Internet fame and her future career despite a largely unsupportive, yet captivated, audience.

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