What "America's Pope" thinks of gay marriage

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the most important American Catholic today, explains the church's position on major issues

What "America's Pope" thinks of gay marriage 07:52

Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan is likable, fun-loving, and quick to tell a joke - but he can also deliver a mean theological argument on some of the Catholic church's most conservative beliefs.

Dolan is known as "the American Pope" and he's often considered the most important Catholic in America today. He's also a scholar and a passionate defender of the church's traditional views on what he calls "settled questions." If you've ever wondered why exactly the Catholic church opposes gay marriage and ordination of women as priests, listen to Dolan articulate the church's beliefs. It's far from a simple matter of saying "no."

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For example, here's the archbishop on gay marriage: "I have a strong desire to play shortstop for the Yankees. I don't have a right to because I don't have what it takes. And that would be what the church would say about marriage."

And here's Dolan arguing against the ordination of women as priests: "Jesus gave women positions of responsibility. The only ones at the foot of the cross except for St. John? Women. The people that discovered his resurrection? Women. The people that were with him on his journeys? Women. People say, 'This guy was kind of a pioneer in women's rights.' So, if he were going to intend them for the priesthood, he woulda done it. And he didn't."