What A Super Bowl Means For Manning, Inc.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has won everything football has to offer but a Super Bowl ring.

As The Early Show's Hannah Storm reports, there's more at stake in the big game. If Peyton's team beats the Chicago bears on Sunday, it's sure to pay off for him and the entire Manning family.

High school coach Frank Gendusa still enjoys watching films of his old star quarterback: a gangly kid named Peyton Manning.

"Just all the talent and the ability there that you see now on Sundays, he was doing for us on Friday nights," the coach said.

That ability and that cannon arm have earned Manning a $99-million contract as a pro player. It's also earned him a moniker: "He's pretty much the face of the NFL," as Terry Lofton put it.

Manning is also the face of Direct-TV, and he is the face of Mastercard.

His endorsement deals are said to be worth more than $11 million, and that's before he ever made it to the Super Bowl.

"But he's already the highest-paid off-the-field player in the NFL," Lofton said. "So, how much more he could get is questionable."

Some say there is more out there for Peyton Manning if he can deliver on this Sunday in Super Bowl XLI.

"If Peyton wins this Super Bowl, I think there are going be some more Fortune 500 companies that now will take a step back and say, 'you know what? Maybe Peyton Manning would be a great spokesman for us'," said Bob Gutkowski, president of Marketing Group International.

It's not just Peyton who stands to benefit. His kid brother, Eli, quarterback for the New York Giants, and his father, Archie, a former New Orleans Saints quarterback, could be along for the ride.

Even Peyton's mom Olivia, and his big brother Cooper have shown up in ads.

The Mannings have appeared together in several commercials, leading some people to refer to them as 'Manning Inc.'

"The Mannings are almost perfect," Lofton said. "You know, they look good. Peyton has a real level of accomplishment that he's demonstrated – short of winning the Super Bowl – and I can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to use them."

Perhaps it's Archie who's gained the most from Manning Inc. He played when salaries were comparably low, and endorsement deals virtually non existent.

"Without question, he'd be doing memorabilia shows, I suppose," Lofton said, "But very little else."

Although Eli's accomplishments as a quarterback pale in comparison to his older brother's, his profile is raised even when he's not actually in an ad.

Which means there could be a lot more riding on Peyton's performance Sunday then a championship for the Colts.

"It's very important for him to win now that he's in it," Gutkowski said. "And if he does win, obviously I think Manning, Inc. has the ability to flower."

High School coach Frank Gendusa doesn't give a whole lot of thought to the business end of his prized players – he coached a young Eli, too – he's just proud to see his boys doing what they've always loved.

"Yeah it's a lot of fun seeing them, it's a lot of fun seeing them grow up and so mature and how they can handle themselves now," he said. "It's delightful, it really is."