Wham! The Musical?

Pop singer George Michael is considering whether to turn the music of Wham! into a musical. Michael tells a London radio station two or three producers have approached him and Andrew Ridgeley with the idea.

Michael says on a creative level, he hates the idea. However, he says he knows a certain generation of people would love it.

He says Ridgeley is of the opinion that if the story is good enough, it would be "snotty" to not do it. He says Ridgeley would love the fact that it would make a fortune as well. Michael says he's afraid the stage version would be "a lot of cheese" and he would "literally have to avoid the premiere."

Michael has reason for concern, as musicals based on pop music have had a mixed showing in the United States. "Mama Mia!," based on music by Abba, and "Movin' Out," centered around Billy Joel songs, have both fared well on Broadway. However, "Taboo," a musical prominently using Boy George songs and backed by Rosie O'Donnell, closed in February after three months.

Earlier this month the signer told BBC Radio that he is retiring from the music business and intends instead to put all his future songs on the Internet for free.

Speaking about his decision, he said: "I've been very well remunerated for my talents over the years so I really don't need any more of the public's money."

In 2000, the pop singer paid $2.1 million to buy the piano John Lennon used to compose Imagine, and in 1998 he was charged with lewd conduct in a California park bathroom.