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Whale Of A Move

The star of the Free Willy movies is about to get a splash closer to freedom.

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Keiko the killer whale was born in the North Atlantic Ocean. When he was only two, he was captured and sent to an amusement park in Mexico.

Two years ago he was moved to a big new tank in Oregon.

Next month, Keiko is supposed to move again—this time back to the Atlantic. A big plane will carry him and a tank full of cold water to the country of Iceland. He'll live in the ocean, but a huge net will keep him from swimming free.

Many people hope Keiko will go free. That may happen some day. But whale experts first want to be sure he's ready to live in the wild.

From 'In The News' with CBS News Correspondent Dan Raviv. ©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved

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