CBS Miami news crew helps rescue plane crash victims

Victims of a plane crash are thanking a helicopter crew from CBS station WFOR-TV in Miami for assisting in their rescue. The pilot spotted the downed plane Monday in Broward County. The helicopter news team landed and checked on the victims before rescuers arrived.

Pilot Clem Carfaro said he was asked by air traffic control to help locate a plane that was suspected of having crashed just after noon, but when he and his crew located the aircraft, they found themselves rushing to help the victims.

The WFOR Chopper 4 news team was first to spot the wreckage in the Everglades, reports CBSN's Elaine Quijano.

The twin engine plane broke into pieces on impact. Carfaro saw signs of life and knew he had to help.

The WFOR-TV helicopter pilot said he was asked by air traffic control to help locate a plane that was suspected of crashing just after noon on Monday

"Seeing the gentleman on the wing stand up was good news from my standpoint, but it was a pretty big airplane and I knew there could be other passengers on board," Carfaro said.

Recorded on camera, Carfaro and a crew member can be seen rushing to check on the pilot. He was bloodied and couldn't get out of the plane. Moments later, another survivor is seen running back to the plane. He had gone to find help.

"It's not the normal day, but it goes through our head, often, doing this type of mission. A lot of times we are first responders," Carfaro said.

"You want to get out and help," said Robin Russel, who shoots video from the chopper. "When you come across an accident of any sort, that's the first thing you want to do"

Emergency workers arrived and had to use the jaws of life to pull out the pilot of the plane. He had been pinned under debris. He was airlifted to the Broward Health Medical Center. Police said he suffered traumatic injuries but was conscious. The two passengers walked away with minor injuries.

The two passengers on the plane were treated and released Monday. The pilot has not been named and his condition has not been released.