Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Two new breeds this year

(CBS News) The famed Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be sporting some changes for its 137th competition next month, including the addition of two new breeds: the Treeing Walker Coonhound and Russell Terriers.

The dogs will join the 187 breeds and varieties that will be represented at the 2013 show, to be held  Feb. 11-12 in New York.

David Frei, of the Westminster Kennel Club, said the breeds aren't new, but it takes a while for a breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club, which has some basic rules for inclusion. The club looks at whether there are enough of the dogs in the U.S., with a good geographic distribution, and requires a parent club that is watching over the breed to make sure business is done appropriately.

To win the competition, Frei said the dog must be a great specimen of the breed and represent good showmanship at the end of the competition. He explained, "We'll have seven great dogs, the group winner standing at the end. One of them has got to have the right kind of charisma, personality, showmanship, whatever you want to call it -- own all on the ground they stand over -- to be Best in Show."

Frei said male dogs win 2-1 over females in the competition.

"Dog shows are about identifying superior breeding stock for the next healthy, happy generations. So the females have to kind of drop out of the show world," Frei said. "The males could still be helping reproduce some without having to drop out."

For more with Frei about the dogs and to see the new breeds, watch the video in the player above.