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Well That Didn't Last Long...

Despite assurances from party leaders that Congress would put politics aside to craft a response to the recent market meltdown, some rank and file members were still pointing fingers Friday afternoon.

Speaking on CNN Friday afternoon, Florida Republican Rep. Tom Feeney said Democrats were at least partially responsible for the problems in the housing market which have triggered the economic difficulties.

"The Democrats were pushing risky loans knowing full well that people couldn't afford them," said Feeney, referring to the sub-prime loans which have exacerbated the crisis.

New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks immediately disagreed.

"At no point did our party tell people to go get loans they couldn't afford," Meeks said on CNN.

Feeney also took Democrats to task for not passing an energy bill that includes a large expansion of domestic drilling and for pushing policies to raise taxes.

Is the truce breaking before Congress has even seen a bill?

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