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Welcome To The Hotsheet

When Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States, he will face challenges not seen in generations… challenges that not only affect every family, every business in the United States, but the world at large.

For the past fifteen months, CBS News and have been delivering all the campaign and political news, developments, and analysis on our Horserace and From The Road blogs.

The Horserace is over, and the time for governing is about to begin for a new president and a new congress. Today we're launching the Political Hotsheet, a new blog which will combine the best Washington reporting, analysis and observations from the correspondents and producers at CBS News and, and partners like the Washington Post and Politico. We'll also point you to the must-read stories across the Web. The Hotsheet will bring it all together in one place.

From the transition to the incoming president's first 100 Days in office and beyond, we'll keep you up on the very latest happenings in what's about to become one of the busiest and most closely-watched towns in the world. Hotsheet will chronicle the news from the White House, Congress and all the institutions in Washington during these historic and uncharted days.

The challenges that lie ahead for the nation are immense and we'll be your eyes and ears to keep you informed about what the new administration and congress are doing, or are not doing, about the issues that impact your life and the nation's future. With a laser-like focus on the economy, health care reform, taxes, spending, foreign policy and many other issues, we'll track the progress of the new team in Washington from Day One.

President-elect Barack Obama is coming to town with a strong wind of change at his back and Hotsheet will be here to help keep you informed as it sweeps through Washington, the nation and the world.

Vaughn Ververs
Senior Political Editor

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