Welcome, Katie!

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
It was not exactly the best-kept secret in television, but Katie Couric made it official this morning: She's leaving the "Today Show" to become the anchor of the CBS Evening News and work on 60 Minutes.

Tongues have been wagging about this for months. All kinds of opinions about her talents not translating to evenings, about the way she looks, about the fluff of morning TV.

Does Katie have the gravitas to anchor the Evening News, to be the go-to guy, so to speak, on breaking news? Absolutely.

This is one old CBS hand who can't wait till she starts. Couric, for my money, is the best live television interviewer — period. When she moves from breakfast to suppertime, she'll take that skill with her.

In age when most of keep tabs on what's going on all day, I'm thinking the new Evening News will update us, but also advance the days news with more live interviews — and Katie's the best there is.

As for a woman as the solo network anchor? What took them so long?

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By Harry Smith