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Welcome Back, Julia Roberts

CBS News entertainment contributor Neil Sean caught up with Julia Roberts in London as she hit the red carpet in the city for the first time in a decade. The star was in town for the premiere of her new movie "Duplicity". Sean filed this report:
It's been a while since Julia Roberts hit the London red carpet, but let there be no doubt -the original Pretty Women is back.

Roberts told me she was "stunned" at the response she got by fans in London.

The last time she rocked the red carpet in London was for the infamous 1999 premiere of "Notting Hill" - at which multiple photographs of her flashing underarm fuzz stole the show.

A new, demure Roberts revealed that she's, "kind of frightened of the red carpet. I really am. And, you know, it gets worse."

"At one time, you could just come down the line, meet the fans, see the film and hopefully a good night is had by all," she recalled fondly. "It's changed. You have people checking out your dress from the minute you step onto the carpet and then, you know, it's a hit or miss. That can be more frightening than the premiere."

So what about her comeback film, "Duplicity"?

It's a great movie from start to finish. It really serves as a reminder of why she is an award-winning actress. She carries the film.

Roberts told me she "was not happy with the nudity" required by her new project's script.

"I think is it important to the film, and although I knew it was coming up in the movie I made sure it was toned down. I mean, I am a mother and I don't want to be known as an actress who strips off. It's simply not me.

Roberts knows her new film would struggle to eclipse the phenomenon that was "Pretty Women" - a role that defined her as an actress and was the start of an incredible run of success in the 90s. She knows how crucial it was to her career.

"I still get a thrill that the movie touched so many people, really I do. And it's great to be part of something that people hold with such affection," she said.

Roberts may be harboring a little secret about a genuine return to her roots, too.

The actress, who launched her on-stage career by starring in the play "Three Days Of Rain" on Broadway, might be squeezing in a secret meeting on her trip to Europe about a possible London stage debut in the West End.

"I think it's an ambition without a doubt, and I love the connection of theater. There is nothing better honestly," she told me.

Roberts, 41, said that at this stage in her career she isn't chasing fame, but she does "like the work."

"If the bug hits me, then sure," she said, "But it has to be a good script and that is what lured me back with 'Duplicity.' It's a great movie, of which I am very proud."

It was great to have Ms. Roberts back, and I hope she doesn't leave it ten years before she visits again.

Neil Sean is a U.K. entertainment columnist and TV commentator. His reports are heard on more than 100 U.K. radio stations and he has a show on The Biography Channel.
By Neil Sean