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Weiners' Losers: NY Police Hunt For Stolen Hot Dog Stand, One Family's Business

NY Police Hunt For Stolen Wiener Stand

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Someone's gonna land in hot water if it all works out.

Police in a suburb northwest of New York City are searching for a stolen hot dog stand.

Owner Fred Martucci of Orangeburg, N.Y. told the Journal News that he's devastated over the loss of "Fred's Franks."

He used the 10-foot-long, 7-foot-wide stainless steel trailer to support his family for more than a year.

Orangetown Police Detective Sgt. George Garrecht said the hot dog heist happened on the evening of Sept. 30.

Three men pulled into a parking lot, cut the trailer's locks and cables, hitched it to their pickup truck and drove north on Route 303.

Police have viewed surveillance footage, but have only a limited description of the suspects and vehicle, because it happened on a rainy night.