Weekend Music Round-Up: Sweet inspiration edition

(CBS News) Happy Friday (lordy, what a long week, am I right?) and welcome to the Feed's Friday Music Round-up! We're kicking things off with a video fit for a king -- The Kings of Leon that is. In their newest video above for "Supersoaker," off their album "Mechanical Bull," the band creates a fifties old-school feel, by using a modern twist of an Instragram-y filter.

And while I feel that I must warn you that this video is pretty risque -- with some scantily-clad women frolicking about -- I would deem it safe enough for work. Directed by seasoned music video director W.I.Z., the clip features the band playing and mugging for the camera, while models flock around them. Shot with over-saturated colors and a Super 8 filter, the video comes off like a living piece of Andy Warhol-esque pop art, and it's awesome.

Scott Bradlee And The Postmodern Jukebox, who previously added their own '20's flare to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," are now tackling another pop princess. The vintage musicians have covered Selena Gomez's new single "Come And Get It," this time with a 1940's jazzy take. And I must admit, I much prefer this version. Anything Bradlee does is pretty brilliant, which is why we've covered him before at The Feed.

I grew up as a Jared Leto fan (hey, "My So Called Life"), but have never been the hugest follower of his rock incarnation in 30 Seconds to Mars. However, after watching the above video "Do or Die," the second single off of their upcoming album "Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams," I may now consider myself a fan.

And while Mars is typically considered pretty mainstream, I would dub this video to be of the more artistic variety. Watch the seven-minute clip which features emotional testimonials from teens from around the world talking about what music means to them, in addition to footage from the band's quest to break a world record for performing the most number of live shows during a single album cycle (300), and you'll understand.

Talk about being a good sport! A team player! Taking one for the team! And every other team/sports cliche you can think of. You name it, and this dude has got it. The above video features one of the oddest performances we've ever seen. When the lead singer of the band Wayne Szalinski (named after the dad in the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"), was refused from playing at a Chicago bar for being under 21, the band didn't let that stop them from going on.

The band played in the bar onstage, while the underage lead singer performed outside solo. Needless to say, they were a little off tune, given that they couldn't hear each other, but the whole thing was really quite impressive and entertaining -- especially for the people on the street who walked by the singer jamming by himself. We'll end on this note of determination for this week's round-up -- so, have a great weekend, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do anything!