Weekend Music Round-Up: Old friends gone LIVE edition

The first Monday of September is almost here -- Labor Day. So, if you've been working too hard, take this opportunity to relax and enjoy some of the newest jams lighting up YouTube. We kick off this weekend's round-up with the latest offering from English alt-rockers Deaf Havana. The song is called "Mildred (Lost A Friend)" and it's from their upcoming album "Old Souls," due out September 16th.

Warning: It's not the most uplifting tune to kick off a holiday weekend. I wouldn't use it to get the party started. But perhaps it will inspire you to call that long-lost friend. You know, the one you just sort of stopped talking to for no particular reason, and now it feels like talking to them would be awkward. However, in actuality, you both would really love to catch up. Maybe even grab a drink sometime?

Ok, now time for something silly. The "reasonably talented, marginally funny" fellas at The Warp Zone put out a new video that's a parody of the old Duck Tales cartoon theme song (one of my personal childhood faves). The song, called "Duct Tape," explores the myriad of uses for the miracle sticky product, and they pretty much nail it. From fixing the San Andreas Fault to curing all known diseases, they cover all the bases. Admittedly, the music part is a bit faint and leaves something to be desired, but the visuals and lyrical content are spot on. Check it out above.

And, to wrap things up, watch pure talent live. The group cdza (Collective Cadenza) is no stranger to the YouTube music scene -- and definitely not to The Feed (check out their many appearances here). You've probably stumbled across one of their many unique "musical video experiments" in your Internet travels. Well, in this video the group takes their act to the stage at YouTube's Brandcast 2013 -- "an upfront look at the content and community that are moving people in today's connected world." They "battle" YouTube live on stage. Basically going tip-for-tap with some of the web's most popular music videos. My description does not do it justice. Click the above video and see what I mean.

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