Weekend blizzard deals a violent blow to Mass. town

(CBS News) MARSHFIELD, Mass. - The worst winter storm of the season has moved on, but the state of emergency has not in six northeastern states.

As of Sunday night, the blizzard's death toll stood at eleven people. About 357,000 customers remain without power and National Guard troops have been activated in four states. As many as 40 million people across the region were affected.

Things were particularly rough in Massachusetts, where coastal residents suffered a one-two punch. First the snow, then a powerful storm surge.

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Hurricane force winds and high tide sent a raging ocean barreling into the Massachusetts coast in Marshfield, south of Boston.

Frigid air left beachfront homes encased in ice. Residents in Scituate, Mass., caught off guard by the rising waters, had to be evacuated by the National Guard.

"I knew it was time to go. I've been here for 20 years and this is the first time I've ever been asked to be taken from my house," said Don Morrison.

Don and Johanne Morrison spend about half the year in their oceanfront home in Marshfield. They returned Sunday to find the rails of their porch scattered over the yard, and a flagpole snapped in half.

"If you want to have a view like this and be on the ocean, you kind of have to put up with nature. Nature rules," Johanne said.

She said she didn't think it would be this bad.

"I just felt the house was all snugged up and it wouldn't be bad, we wouldn't have a problem. So I was shocked," she said.

More rocks, hurled over the seawall, shut down parts of the town's main street. Downed power lines have left XX percentage of the town without electricity.

"I packed up all my stuff, emptied the refrigerator, I don't know when the power will come back," said Kristie Haines, a resident of Marsfield.

Massachusetts power officials are hoping to restore electricity by Tuesday. The Morrisons are hoping it's sooner than later, so they can start the process of cleaning up.

"We'll be here in the summer," Don said. "Can't beat the view, can't beat the place in the summer."