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Week Of Wishes: A Mother's Reward

Sometimes, children can be ungrateful for or unaware of the sacrifices made by their parents. However, they can also amaze their guardians the way Kaitlyn Smith surprised her mother on The Early Show's "Week of Wishes."

Janet Smith, a mother of four from Illinois, was astonished to learn she would receive a make-over, thanks to her 11-year-old daughter's e-mail to The Early Show.

Kaitlyn asked that her mother's wish for a hair/makeup and clothing make-over be granted. She describes her mother as a very caring and giving mom who puts everyone else's needs before her own.

But late last year, the 33-year-old Janet was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her symptoms include chronic panic pain, weakness, fatigue and vision disturbances. She has to take about six different prescription medications daily and some injectable medicine.

Kaitlyn writes in her letter: "My mom has a wish but she won't tell anyone, usually because she always worries about everyone's else's wishes. Not like a regular mom either! She makes sure that me and my two sisters and brother have clothes that are name-brand so we will not have to worry about that at school … She is only 33 but she says with a smile, that she feels 90. I know she is hurting and sad about how her life has changed but she just worries about how her disease affects us! Would you please buy my mom a make-over too ... with her hair prettied and a set of new clothes? I will pay you back when I get a job."

Well, the mother's wish was granted on Tuesday. After watching others on television at home receive make-overs, Janet found that she was having one for herself.

Janet initially believed she was visiting The Early Show to complete a story about living with multiple sclerosis. She admits she doesn't take a lot of time for herself. She does most of her shopping at Wal-Mart and usually wears jeans, sweats and sneakers. The stay-at-home mom hardly wears makeup and if she had some free time, Janet said, she would love to get her hair done.

Hair stylist Frederic Fekkai gave Janet a preview consultation of her make-over at his salon and a goody bag. Emme, the world's leading plus-size model and host of E! Entertainment Television's "Fashion Emergency" presented Janet with a preview of their planned afternoon wardrobe make-over at New York's Lord and Taylor's department store.

As another surprise, The Early Show presented Kaitlyn with her own $200 Lord and Taylor gift certificate, a Teddy bear and the news that she'll also get her hair done at Frederic Fekkai.

And Kaitlyn doesn't have to pay one cent for this wish that came true.