Wedding gifts stolen by party crashers, Minn. newlyweds want help

(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS - Jill and Jesse Goembel loved everything about their wedding day earlier this month at the Edinburgh Golf Club in Brooklyn Park, Minn. - except for the part where a couple of party crashers walked in and stole a box filled with cards and gifts during the reception.

As the July 6 festivities were winding down, somebody noticed the box wasn't there, according to CBS Minnesota.

First thought - one of the attendants had taken it and would return it in the morning before brunch.

That never happened...and people began talking.

"People did actually start sharing stories that they had seen someone leaving with the box and kind of gave descriptions," Jill Goembel said.

Pictures taken inside the clubhouse show two "non-guests" as they walked into the ballroom.

According to CBS Minnesota, two minutes later, the man in the picture was caught on camera again, this time with the box in his hand, exiting through the kitchen.

"Just a couple of stray folks that we didn't invite...being a part of a day that was not meant for them," Jill Goembel said.

Whoever took the card box used a gift card at the Target store in Crystal, the station reported.

They tried to use it again in Fridley, but left when told the card was canceled.

Now the "non-guests" are being targeted themselves.

"The staff at our reception has not been able to identify him; friends and family have not been able to [identify him]," Jesse Goembel said.

The newlyweds, and the police, are looking for the public's help to capture the crook.