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Web-Savvy Seniors Can Save On Drugs

A new Internet-based program has been launched to help the elderly more easily identify programs that will save them money on prescription drugs.

The program, known as BenefitsCheckUpRx, is a project of the National Council of Aging and can be accessed online at www.BenefitsCheckUp.Org.

By clicking on the Web site, families can complete a brief questionnaire to obtain a personalized report with all the programs a person might be eligible for and detailed instructions on how to enroll.

The site includes information on 30 state-funded pharmacy programs, each state's Medicaid program and 116 company-sponsored patient assistance programs.

"We know that millions of seniors can't afford all the medications they need and far too many are skipping doses or not filling prescriptions," said James Firman, president of the National Council of Aging.

The Web site will help seniors "find out which of the over 240 programs can help them save money on their prescriptions," Firman said.

Tom Scully, administrator of the government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, called the site "another great tool in helping seniors become more educated consumers."

The inclusion of pharmaceutical programs actually is an expansion of the Web site, which already helped the elderly determine their eligibility for benefits programs such as Medicaid and food stamps.

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