Web Makes College Kids (Shooting) Stars

Forget the NBA - if you want to see basketball's greatest shot-makers you've got to come to a backyard in College Station, Texas - really- as CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman reports.

Tyler Toney said, "I'd say we were above average basketball players.

Steve Hartman replied, "But it seems like you make all the shots?"

"On the videos, yes we do make all the shots," said Tyler.

DudePerfectis a group of about half a dozen Texas A&M students who, one day, got to wondering - what's the most incredible shot any one of them could make? They spent a couple hours taping a video in their backyard - and their neighbor's backyard, and then posted it on YouTube.

"World's Longest Basketball Shot"
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After making every shot they could think of at the house, The DudePerfect dudes hit the road - to see what other shots were out there, just waiting to be made.

Their sequel videos, which take the concept to a whole other level, have already gotten more than 10 million views worldwide.

It's a success due, in no small part, to junior pre-dentistry major Tyler Toney. Tyler was born with a hoop in his crib. He went on to play high school basketball and was quarterback on the football team - an ideal skill set for this kind of craziness.

Some of his shots are so unbelievable; a lot of people really don't believe them -- this one especially, "This is the world's longest basketball shot" from the third deck of their football stadium. There are two angles of the shot. Tyler says it took 30 minutes, but he did make it.

"Put one fake shot on your videos and you lose all credibility that you have," said Tyler. "And so everything that we put on our video is all real."

They're pretty low-tech. No HD equipment and fancy editing software. They use imovie and a digital camera.

We were with the DudePerfect dudes for the shooting of their latest video - at a hockey rink. After this one comes out, they will have made pretty much every shot imaginable -- from Aggie stadium to a Zamboni.

Really the only thing left to make now -- is money.

At a recent job fair, while all the other kids were looking for starting positions, these guys were shopping sponsorship deals.

There's interest in a reality TV series and a DudePerfect video game.

All those things are still long shots - but, of course, they've made those before.

  • Steve Hartman

    Steve Hartman has been a CBS News correspondent since 1998, having served as a part-time correspondent for the previous two years.