Web Help For The Perfect Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away, and it can be either be a steamy, romantic affair or a total flop. The key is planning, and help for that perfect V-Day can in many cases be found online.

Adam Rich and Ben Lerer, co-founders of lifestyle newsletter Thrillist, stopped by The Saturday Early Show with a list of sites, and advice mainly geared for guys, to help make the right choices for that (hopefully) romantic rendezvous.

Finding A Date

First things first, you need a date. If you don't have a girlfriend or wife, it might be in your best interest to use an online dating service, as time is not on your side at this point. The best option for last-minute dating has got to be, where you select your desired date type and a day and they pair you up with another random in your area. It's not ideal, but it's also not ideal if V-Day is two weeks away and you have no plans yet.

Flowers And Gifts

Since guys are generally lazy and forgetful (not to generalize), you should just act right now and get flowers and gifts. There are a few great services that take care of this stuff for you even if you don't remember day of, such as and Getting an account with SaveMyAss sets you up with automatic flower deliveries on all important holidays, the most important of which being V-Day. You can also get "just because I care" deliveries scheduled in advance, even if you don't. Casanova is just like SaveMyAss, except it goes even further by letting you order balloons, jewelry and other things you generally would completely overlook.

The Perfect Card Or Letter

Once you are done with the gifts, you have to send some nice cards, and it's not always easy to remember who you should send cards to. does that for you. You just put in all the information on the people in your life and then they will send you a card with a stamp. You just need to write a little word and put in the mail.

Now that all your presents are taken care of, it's time for a card. Obviously writing a heartfelt card can be painful and/or time consuming, so hire someone to write one for you. There are tons of online services that will compose loving notes, but we always use, a true pro who does nothing but writing letters for other people. It's not expensive and she can knock something out really quickly. You tell her a few things about your girlfriend/wife and she'll work in some personal details so you can submit it as is.


Next comes dinner. Unfortunately in most big cities, tons of restaurants book up a month in advance when reservations become available. Since dinner is the key to everything, you need a good reservation. Check out services like OpenTable in some cities to book reservations you might not be able to find elsewhere. OpenTable gives you free access to thousands of restaurants' reservation books, but it can't get you seats at places that are truly fully booked. That being said, they've got access at some of the best places in town, so it's worth feeling them out. If that fails, there's always services like Red Butler, an online concierge that can get you access anywhere, for a price. This should be a last ditch effort, but it can repair a broken night if need be.

Choosing The Right Wine

At dinner you want to be sure you've got the wine list under control. Use on your BlackBerry or iPhone by typing in your date's food choices. You'll get a text back with specifics about what kind of wines will go well with her food. Can't hurt to look like you know what you're talking about, rather than getting taken for a ride by the waiter.