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Weatherman's Backside Bitten By Pelican

Aussie weatherman Steven Jacobs didn't know one of his vocational hazards would be a pelican attack.

Broadcasting from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Jacobs was in the middle of his report recently when a pelican named Marnie began repeatedly biting his backside.

Jacobs, of Nine Network Australia, joked on "The Early Show" that he has no idea what provoked the behavior, but it could have been the fish he'd eaten the night before.

"My life flashed before my eyes," he said. "A flurry of feathers and the bird attacked from out of nowhere. And I did what every self-respecting man would do and I turned and tried to run, but it was that the point I realized that the bird had me cornered like a world championship wrestler. And that's when I decided to scream for help."

Jacobs also clarified something for people watching the video: "For all of the viewers in America who might think weathermen in Australia are not so tough: I normally wouldn't squeal like a 5-year-old girl, but I did have a little bit of nasal congestion on the day."

Jacobs said the pelican can be added to Australia's list of dangerous animals.

"We have the most dangerous snakes, spiders, of course the crocodiles, and now you can add another one to that list -- that cute little fluffy Barry Manilow of the bird world which we all thought was innocent."

Jacobs wasn't hurt in the attack, but he admitted on the broadcast his ego was a bit bruised after the on-air antics.

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