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Ways To Win

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UPDATED 10.10.08 | Predict whether Barack Obama or John McCain will win each state to build a path to the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency. You can start with our swing state scenario with 177 Electoral Votes undecided, or choose a different one. Then click on the states in order to make your pick. For more information on one of the swing states, there is an in-depth profile (if it doesn't work at first, turn off your pop-up blocker in order to view).

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State Profiles:
Learn more about the current battleground states and former battlegrounds - including previous winners, recent poll results and stories from CBS News and around the Web.

Note: Maine and Nebraska allocate their Electoral Votes differently from all other states. Both states separately allocate an Electoral Vote to the winner of each congressional district and then two Electoral Votes to the winner of the entire state's vote. However, since the system has been adopted, the states have never split their Electoral Votes.
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