Water trucked to drought-stricken Texas town

SPICEWOOD, TEXAS - There's been a lot of unusual weather over the past year, including a severe drought in Texas. The entire state was hard-hit, but no town ever completely ran dry -- until now, when one is on the verge.

There's a lot more beach than there used to be in Lake Travis. The dock sits dry where there used to be water. When it disappears from lakes, it drains wells dry, too.

The water level in part of Lake Travis has dropped to a near-record low - which means the groundwater supplies that feed local wells are down, too. The well that provides water to Spicewood Beach residents has nearly run dry.

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"I never dreamed it would ever be this way," Spicewood beach resident Connie Heller said. "Always thought we had a good well."

The well's water level dropped over a foot in just a day. So water is now being trucked in several times a day, to fill the community's storage tank.

The thought of possibly not having running water scares Heller. "It's scary, scary, worries me, not sleeping, I don't know what to do, no win situation, don't know where to go or what to do."

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