Water spouts spotted over Lake Michigan in Wis.

Water spouts seen over Lake Michigan near Kenosha, Wisc. on Sept. 12, 2013.
Wisconsin Police Department,Kenosha

A flurry of water spouts have been spotted in Lake Michigan near Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Watch video of the water spouts at left, courtesy of the Kenosha News.

The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said at least one funnel cloud was sighted in the city at 94th St. near Lake Michigan.

CBS affiliate WDJT reports that the sheriff's department says water spouts have also been sighted over Lake Michigan a couple miles off the shores of Kenosha. Tornado sirens were activated.

The National Weather Service did not see rotation in the storm clouds on radar, thus no official tornado warning was issued, the station reported.

A strong cold front moved through the Great Lakes and northeast Plains on Thursday, producing relatively strong thunderstorms and drawing cold air from Canada into the states, the Associated Press reported.