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WATCH: Yan Linkun, Chinese political advisor, throws tantrum in airport

(CBS) CHINA - Yan Linkun, a political adviser from China, was caught on video throwing a tantrum in a Chinese airport after missing his flight, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the paper, an official news portal for the government of southwestern China's Yunnan province said Mr. Yan issued an apology to airport staff and was suspended from his job after the Feb. 19 incident.

In the video, Mr. Yan is seen smashing signs against a window and damaging computers in the airport while a large group of people looks on.

According to the Chinese news report cited by the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Yan and his family were scheduled to board a flight from Kunming to Guangzhou but missed their first flight. Mr. Yan allegedly became irate after airport staff did not allow him through the gate to board his rescheduled, second flight.

It is unclear how or if Mr. Yan was detained after his outburst.