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Watch: Will Ferrell does Bulls-Hornets intros

Will Ferrell was on hand at the Hornets-Bulls game in New Orleans Wednesday night - and he took center stage before the game.

The actor announced the starting lineups, adding fabricated personal notes about each player. For example, Ferrell remarked that New Orleans guard Marco Belinelli (who hails from Bologna) "hates Italian food."

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As for Carlos Boozer, the 6-foot-9, 266-pound Bulls forward? The 10-year veteran "still lives with his mother," according to Ferrell.

Afterward, Boozer said it was hard not to laugh at Ferrell's remark: "We're all Will Ferrell fans - one of the funniest dudes of our generation, man."

It was 80s night at the New Orleans Arena, but Ferrell did not channel his Jackie Moon character from the hoops comedy Semi Pro. And that's probably a good thing or he may have unleashed a bear on the unsuspecting crowd.

During the game, Ferrell sat courtside with actors Dylan McDermott and Zach Galifianakis - the trio was in town to shoot Ferrell's new movie Dog Fight.

Ferrell's intros seemed to fire up the New Orleans fans but their team ended up getting crushed by the Bulls 90-67. The guy who still lives with his mother led Chicago with 18 points.

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