Watch the world record in clapping get shattered

(CBS News) We like to applaud the variety of talented individuals we feature here on The Feed. But as hard as we might try, we could never match this guy in doing so. Why you ask? Well... watch and see in the video above as the world record in clapping gets broken.

I'd say that the feat deserves a big round of applause, but that would probably just be insulting to this absolute master of clap! (And likely future spokesperson for The Clapper.)The record-breaking clip features one Bryan Bednarek, who significantly tops the previous record of 721 claps held by Kent French, and was posted online by YouTube user RobScallon2 who writes:

Bryan Bednarek shatters the world record at 802 claps in 1 min.
If the day ever comes that this record is broken, I feel like the momentum could equate to a superpower. Just saying. A big triple-rainbow salute for being the best person to ever have in an audience goes out to Bryan Bednarek from us here at The Feed for this truly clap-tastic feat! And to check out more videos from RobScallon2, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.