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Watch the art and beauty of making flamenco guitars

(CBS News) I could use some culture this afternoon. Could you use some culture? Sure you could. Who doesn't love a little culture in their life. So let's see, how about we learn something about... hmmmmm, flamenco guitars? Yeah, let's do that. Let's learn about flamenco guitars.  Check it out. 

The video is part of a very cool, beautiful and educational series called "The Art of Making" (in this case "Alma Flamenca") directed by Dimitris Ladopoulos and Spiros Rasidakis.

And to up the ante of this post and increase everyone's cultural awareness, I'm going to include another video from the series below, this time focused on carpentry. To check out more from "The Art of Making", you can visit Dimitris Ladopoulos' Vimeo page by clicking here.

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