Watch: Sons of LA Kings star drink chocolate milk from Stanley Cup

Jake and Mason Brown blow chocolate milk bubbles in the Stanley Cup. Screenshot, L.A. Times video

(CBS News) The Stanley Cup has gotten wet in some pretty interesting places - Niagara Falls, a shower in Detroit and even a baptism in Sweden.

But on Tuesday, the iconic chalice ended up in the hands of L.A. Kings captain Dustin Brown's two young sons - and they viewed it as the perfect container for chocolate milk.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Jake and Mason Brown - wearing matching Spiderman outfits - drank and blew bubbles of chocolate milk in the trophy. (Brown's wife Nicole is the videographer -- watch video below).

As captain, Dustin Brown has the honor of being the first player allowed to spend time with the trophy at home. The Kings vanquished the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night.

Earlier, Dustin Brown tweeted a photo of the cup in his home with the message: "After 45yrs Stanley is finally home!!!"

Stanley has seen his share of champagne in the past so it must be nice to savor some chocolate milk.