Watch some big and small cats challenge gravity

(CBS News) The Internet and cats go together like peanut butter and jelly. And seeing as we are starting off a brand new year today, it's only fitting to give a double dose of both big and small cats engaged in hijinks. We kick this post off with a big cat known as a Caracal displaying some truly amazing jumping skills that would make a professional basketball player envious above.

The impressive display of feline athleticism was actually posted back in 2009 by YouTube user SCOTTIESPINSERVE who writes about the caught-on-tape moment:

These Caracals can jump out of the gym. Talk about some explosiveness. Watch as these cats spring from a standing position 10 feet in the air and snatch their food out of mid-air. They could literally jump over a car or maybe even an SUV.

And where we started with a big cat and impresive athletic feat, we switch our attention to small cats and some adorable overload animal antics. Watch as two kittens engage in the cutest "prison break" ever caught on camera in the video below from YouTube user throwingbull. And I hope everyone is having a very happy and healthy start to 2013 on behalf of all of us here at The Feed!