Watch: Mark Sanchez flinches at the scrimmage line

Mark Sanchez flinch

(CBS) - Mark Sanchez had a great game on Sunday. He started slow in the first half with two picks, but got it together in the second half to go 20-for-28 for 230 yards and a touchdown pass as the Jets blasted the Buffalo Bills 27-11. But that's not what you came to see. You came to see the only Sanchez play that people are going to be talking about this week. Call it what you will; we're going with the Sanchez Flinch.

With three minutes left in the game, and the Jets up by 16 points, Sanchez was obviously not going to put his body on the line as a blocker. That's just not what quarterbacks do. Hilariously, Sanchez got called for holding on the same play. Is this the first time a quarterback, lined up as a wide receiver, gets called for a holding penalty while also providing an excellent low-light reel play? We have no idea. Is Sanchez going to get grief for this in the locker room all week? We'd say yes.