Watch kids act out Oscar nominees (then watch 50 movie spoilers)

(CBS News) The Academy Awards are approaching faster than you can say Usain Bolt riding a leopard, and all your friends can talk about is the Oscar buzz. ("Who will win best sound editing?" They whisper to themselves in excited anticipation). Sadly, you're too terrified of bedbugs to set foot in a movie theater and you don't have time to watch Wolverine's wigs get progressively more ridiculous over the course of the 10-hour-long musical-turned-movie "Les Miserables". Well, friends, let me present you with this free and more adorable alternative to watching the so-called best films of 2012.

In an act of genius, Official Comedy filmed a bunch of kids acting out "Argo", "Lincoln", "Zero Dark Thirty", "Django Unchained" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild", and it's hilarious and amazing. While I haven't seen most of these movies, I'm pretty sure this video covers all the bases. And the acting is spot on, so watch your back Daniel Day-Lewis. Okay, maybe not... but they're still young!

What's that you say? The video was the best thing you've ever seen, but didn't give away all the endings? Well I have a solution for that, as well! Watch our friends at The Fine Brothers spoil every critically acclaimed movie you wanted to see this year in their video showing 50 Movie Spoilers of 2012 (Oscar Edition). Now wasn't that a whole lot easier than going to a movie theater?