Watch: Jon Hamm, pre-fame, on a TV dating show

It's hard to imagine Jon Hamm ever getting turned down for a date. At this point, many women would kill to spend some time with the dashing actor.

But apparently that wasn't always the case. A recently unearthed TV dating show appearance finds that a 25-year-old, long-haired Hamm was not the leading man during "The Big Date" competition in the '90s.

Let's just say, Don Draper would be disappointed.

And we're not sure what's worse -- the fact that Hamm lost, or that he used the word (that's not really a word) "fabulosity." Perhaps they're related.

Check out the video below, and watch AMC on April 13 for the season 7 premiere of "Mad Men." There will be plenty to swoon over when Hamm, 43, steps into the role of irresistibly dapper womanizer Don Draper.